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Testo bluescreen the enemy - zavorash

[Music: Dj Brynolf / Totalscorn, Lyrics: Totalscorn / Cegma]

Life is beautiful, life is fine,
Your goals are worthwhile, so are mine
Don't worry, there is a God,
Just follow, and always nod.

Good people always come through in the end,
And morality, is our best friend
Follow your leaders, watch TV,
We'll all one day be free
And don't listen to angry intellectuals,
They're all latent homosexuals
And don't be tempted by the beast inside,
This son of the devil you must always hide
And don't do drugs, they'll make you die,
Only through prayer can you to heaven fly
Love thy neighbour, turn thy cheek,
For remember that the lonely are weak
And know that sarcasm comes from fear,
Hiding nothing but frightened tears
And that everyone who attacks the system are liars,
They're all primitive savages with morbid desires
If you see someone wearing black with long hair and studs,
You know he's up to no good - ashamed of our divine blood
And if you see someone defiling our holy word,
You should crusade against him for the sake (of the herd)

(The only happiness lies in fraternity
And by true faith (only) you'll live for eternity.