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Thought you knew it all along
Thought you found your place
Among sham saints and sinners both alike

I'm not one to judge your kind
Not the one to know your ways
Or how you seem to

Draw the bar and set the line
On why (you're so quick to sway)
I'm pushed and shoved into
These blatant lies (is it a lie this time)

Oh, You're taking things all too wrong
You're going alone
/> Oh, I'm finding out on my own
My way

Pardon me, I missed your call
Were you expecting no less than
A yes, and headlights on your door

You thought you knew me all too well
Thought you had me on the ground
But now I'm running

Far between the lines where we both
Stood (the middle men of shame)
I realize that I was blind to think
You could (not lie this time)

Suddenly, it's not for me
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