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Testo you and me - ufo

Baby you know that there's no choice

I'm tired of hearing my own voice

We can't live on love alone

To find some work I'll have to leave our home

And I know that things look desperate now

But stand by me we'll get through somehow

(1) Ooh when you touch me it all fades away

Ooh when you hold me I'll make it through another day

Winter's here and it's looking bleak

The snow is falling as we speak

And can we cut back a little more

Something will turn up I'm really sure

So please darlin' keep your faith in me

I'll make it good you wait and see

(1) Repeat

It's so special, oh so special

'Cos there's always you and me

And we stand alone with our love

So strong, bold and free

It's so special, oh so special

You can't take that away

There's a bond that holds us together

It'll always stay


Though I'm getting stronger every day

Situations change, I hope and pray

I'm not a man who's afraid to fight

With you beside me I'll see the light

We'll be together, I'm sure it's meant to be

A friend and lover my only loyalty

If nothing else, it's you and me.