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Testo terri - ufo

Terri everytime we talk we just disagree

Every chance we had is passing by

The simple things you say all drift away into the night

So don't let me know what I can't see

(1) Terri is it over again

Lost in love

Everybody laughing at me

With eyes like a child

You smile when you hit the tide

Holding me captive

For the world to see

Every now and then I'd see that wild look in your eyes

It's in all the long shots that we tried

We used to hold on tight, run for the night
How far we'd go we couldn't see

(1) Repeat

Every day goes by we get further and further away

Conversations end with nothing much to say

Maybe we've made a mistake it's too late we'll never know

We can't change it girl 'cause I just have to go


(1) Repeat

On these lonely nights I reach out for your love

This empty room feels cold and bare

Then I'll try the phone and swallow my pride

It's no good we've tried and tried

(1) Repeat