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Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer me this

Who owns the chains that bind your wrists

Riddle me who, riddle me why, answer again

Riddle me who built the machine

That washed your brain

Like parents did before them

Your parents did the same

They said do your best, you must pass the test

You must learn to play the game

They scrimped and saved and suffered

To send you off to school

But if they'd had the cash

They could've brought the class

And a different set of rules


They taught a simple system

Why they had and you had not

They said know your place, you can't win the race

Life's an auction you're the lot

If you'd ever thought to question

They would never answer you why

When they buy your sweat, you are in their debt

And they own you till you die


You took hook line and sinker

Everything they fed

Worked day and night, for most your life

To earn their daily bread

Now your old and weary

And you lay you down to sleep

With body worn and spirit torn

What's left is yours to keep