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Rocky Raccoon checked into his room only to find Gideon's Bible.
Rocky had come equipped with a gun to shoot off the legs of his rival.

His rival it seems had broken his dreams by stealing the girl of his fancy.
Her name was Magill, she called herself Lil, but ev'ryone knew her as Nancy.

Now she and her man who called himself Dan were in the next room as the show down.
Rocky burst in and grinning a grin he said, " Danny boy, this is a show down."
But Damel was hot, he drew first and shot and Rocky collapsed in the garden.

Now the doctor came in stinking of gin and proceeded to lie on the table.
He said, "Rocky ......."
And Rocky said, "Doc, it's only a scratch, and I'll be better,
I' be better, Doc, as soon as I'm able."

Now Rocky Raccoon, he fell back his room only to find Gideon's Bible.
Gideon checked out and he left it no doubt to help with good Rocky's read Bible.
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