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Testo the hottest - t.i

(feat. Mac Boney)

[Intro: T.I.]

Yo, ayyyyyy, huh-ayyyy

I gotta love my man here engineerin (okay)

It don't take me too long to write it (uh, huh-ayyyyy)

How long it take you to record me baby? HEY! (huh-ayyyyy)

Hey ya ain't live, you don't ride, you don't do it like I do it

(It's all good man, we gon' ride on these fuck niggaz anyway though)

Ya ain't real, you don't wanna get into it

Don't play with yourself nigga (okay)

Play a lotto nigga (okay)

Hey - let's get it! (yeahhhhh fuck nigga, AY!)

[Chorus: T.I.]

Hey ya ain't live, you don't ride, you don't do it like I do it

I keep it real - ya ain't real, you don't wanna get into it

Ya ain't crunk, ya ain't buck, ya ain't hard, ya ain't G

You ain't got what I got pumpin in your hard TV

You do all that yellin, holla, ya ain't real and ya ain't bout it

Ya ain't serious, ya ain't crazy, you know you don't wanna die

Ya ain't hustle from the bottom, you don't got it like I got it

You can hate and you can lie but pussy nigga I'm the hottest


I'm the realer nigga in this shit, aside from all the business shit

I'm the nigga sucka niggaz best to keep it pimpin with

People say I start a lot of shit, I say I finish it

Thank God it wasn't no witnesses, I'd still be servin sentences
Rap shit way more stressful that I love my other businesses

Thank God I'm a professional and scared I don't begin to get

Whether in a Phantom or the truck with all the kids in it

Still tote a hammer try me, man I hope you listenin

Your death gon' be elaborate, real fuckin extravagant

I'm down to die myself to show you niggaz I ain't havin it

Had to kill your son and a few your momma had to get

And they were playin dumb, we run in and ask where daddy at

[Chorus w/ ad libs]

[Mac Boney]

I carry niggaz on my back like a bookbag

Put the pistol in his hand and tell him shoot his ass

I pull a little file faster than them credit people

Yo' ass dead, that's why you probably seein dead people

The weapon with me's really lethal, yeah it scare people (oh my God)

I know off top that I'm gon' bust, that's why I dare people

And I won't dare cheat you, I fair-and-square beat you

Same time, same time's why I'm on that Grey Goose

Don't make me spray and let loose, cause I won't hesitate to

I heard one shot then heard two, jumped up out the truck like what it do

I got a fo'-five on me and got a nine too

A nigga sayin "Mac Boney, we ain't shoot at you"

I say you sucka ass niggaz better keep it movin

'Fore y'all boys be the ones I end up doin

[Chorus w/ ad libs]
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