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1 2 1 2 1 2 3 I'm the emcee called Ice T

That's DJ Evil E Islam creates the beats

You girls look so sexy

I wish you all were up here with me

You drive me crazy with those big ole butts

Girl Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck!

Tonight I wanta make this real clear dear

I've no time to whisper in your ear

No time to remove our fears

I just wanta get near

Get butt naked and roll around

Move our bodies like up and down

Do that stuff that your mama call smut!

Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck!

Come on
you know you wanta do it

It's good to me
and it's good to you

I only speak what's true

You say you don't
but I know you do

Come on up to my room

We'll undress by the light of the moon

Lay down and I'll caress that butt

Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck!

I mean real stupid and nasty

I know what you wnat
so you don't have to ask me

Just lay back and I'll operate

Jimbraski will go to work and penetrate

And then we'll both feel great

Make your move tonight
don't hesitate

We both want it
don't make it tough

Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck!

you know the situation

You're trying to rap but they give you frustration

Nose in the air
turnin' you down

When you really wanta say! Yo baby let's get down

But you don't
you keep frontin'

Kickin' conversation
ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'

When all that's really on your mind is what?

Yo baby L.G.B.N.A.F.

That's right if you're a man you want it

If you're a woman you tease him and flaunt it

But my crew got to have it

And after they dog it
I autograph it

The SYNDICATE don't lecture

We move in a group
seduce and capture

And if the posse has good luck

Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck!

ISLAM takes the pictures

And girls
I'm a say EVIL E's gonna get ya

Get ya illin' in a nude mode

A double X-rated episode

Hotel rooms cold explode
when my posse unloads

Sex in effect when we're on the road

Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck!

Throw your hands up in the air

If you love sex I know you're out there

Safe sex that is
ya gotta be careful with this 88 sex biz

But that's another song

move your bodies sexy and the brothers will come along

move in on that butt and say!

Let's Get Butt Naked And Fuck
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