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Testo gotta lotta love - t ice

[ VERSE 1 ]

Woke up the other mornin
I heard a rumor

They said the gang wars was over

I told em they was bullshittin
they said it's real as hell

Can't explain the way I felt

Too many years I seen my brothers die

And I can't say that shit was really that fly

But I used to gangbang when I was younger

So it's really hard to tell a kid that he's goin under

I never thought I lived to see us chill

Crips and Bloods holdin hands
the shit is ill

But I love it
I can't help it

Too much death on the streets
and we dealt it

Van Ness Boys
The Hoovers
The 60s

Bounty Hunters
all coolin out

I pray the shit'll never stop

You used to see the wrong colors
and the gats went pop-pop

But now the kids got a chance to live

And the O.G.'s got something to give

That's love
black on black
that's how they made it

And if any busters flip
they get faded

L.A. is where I'm speakin of

Peace to all the gangsters
cause I got a lotta love

[ VERSE 2 ]

I got a lotta love
cause you're all my brothers

Red or blue
black's the color

We got a chance
so we can really sweat the real fools

Show those muthafuckas the real tools

Check the enemy
it ain't the family

Not 1-11
try L.A.P.D.

They gotta understand
they beat on a blackman

There's gonna be drama
know what I'm sayin?

And if we flip
let's all flip together

Cause I'm prepared
for rough weather

And we gotta realize
the boys on the east side

You call em S-A's
I call em allies

Because the day that we all unite

Watch the pigs get real polite

Punk muthafuckas gotta learn quick

That we ain't takin no more shit

L.A. is where I'm speakin of

Peace to all the gangsters
cause I got a lotta love

[ VERSE 3 ]

Crenshaw Boulevard
Sunday afternoon

Folks sittin on things
mad systems boom

The girls are lookin better

The gang truce is on
so you wear whatever

At Venice by the ocean

Rag-top Trey hits the three-wheel motion

There's gangsters all around

Still crazy sets
but you just don't clown

I pray L.A. can stay this way

It's the first summer I can really say

I felt cool
we all chilled

Went to the park
and nobody got killed

Now if you got a problem
it's man on man

You don't need a gang to solve em

I seen the greatest thing I seen in my life

Two brothers in a straight up fist fight

Nobody pulled a gat
nobody jumped in

Nobody pulled a knife
nobody got done in

L.A. is where I'm speakin of

Peace to my city
cause I got a lotta love

[ VERSE 4 ]

I hope you wear a vest

Even after you're out the fuckin office

Cause we're on a totally different tip

Fuck that pig brutality shit

This unity is gettin to me

Every brother on the street is my homie

I'm rollin through a hood that I never been

And every brother steps to me as a friend

I love it
I love it

And nothin in my life will ever be above it

We wanna see our kids all grown up

We're tired of seein our hoods get blown up

L.A. is a great place

Fly girls
dope cars
life at a fast pace

But gangbanging was killin it quick

Another child got hit - bullshit

on a weekend

We was goin off to deep end

But now we got a chance
my friend

To mend
and make the colors blend

Let's all go out on a picnic
kick shit

And squash all the static

Last year I lost about five homies

This shit is real to me

L.A. is where I'm speakin of

Peace to all the gangsters
cause I got a lotta love


This is goin out to all the gangbangers

All over South Central



All over L.A.

East L.A.


It's basically goin down

Peace to all the Crips and the Bloods

Van Ness Boys


Rollin 60s

Bounty Hunters


And the Jungle

This is goin out to all the brothers over there in Watts

You know what I'm sayin?

Throwin it up

Grape Street

Nutty Blocc

Front Hood

And all them niggas out there in Compton

Rollin 30s


Ah yeah


Nickerson G's


Inglewood Family


South Loc

And all the S-A homeboys

All the different sets

Every set

What doesn't matter to me

Cause I gotta love

You know what I'm sayin?

Hope the truce never ends


We can do this
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