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Testo where dey at - silkk the shocker

somethin ain't right
You just get P on the phone


nigga (2000 nigga)
3 Strikes (next millenium)
No Limit
thugged out Silkk the Shocker what?
Let me tell y'all somethin (what

Let me tell you why I'm a rich nigga
cause I don't fuck a bitch
nigga plus I flip quicker
(?) is what I have
but I can some account me six figures
and then
y'all niggaz do the math
If it was the first time I'd try it again
Brought checks that can buy me a Benz
And for the rumors I'ma cut it short right now
Me and Mya
we just friends
I'm Silkk
call me Shocker for short
You can catch me thuggin the West coast
either catch me
shop in New York
Either poppin the cork on the Cristal
and then let a thug
diss while a nigga banked up
Summertime tanked up
minked up
Be drivin a Ferrari with a tan cover
Niggaz screamin fuck you cowards
(?) in nine-nine
for two-thousand shit the same color
When I come through I come through rowdy (ROWDY)
When I come through I come through bout it (BOUT IT)
When I come through by the ones
I be comin through
by the thousands
nigga better back up
Deal with a jack
now keep the money where the tank at
And when ya hate y'all (?) to hate me

kinda like expect that
See all it take for me to flex the trigger
is when dollars involved gotta X a nigga
because it's like
Money Cash Hoes
like DMX and Jigga

[Chorus: Silkk the Shocker]

Where my niggaz at? Where dey at
where dey at?
Yo where my wodies at? Where dey at
where dey at?
Yo where my niggaz at? (RIGHT HERE
Yo where my wodies at? ..
Someone tell these wodies niggaz (BRING IT ON
Someone tell these niggaz wodie ..
Where dey at? Where dey at? Where dey at? Where dey at?
Where dey at? Where dey at? Where dey at? Right here

I pull up in the car thumpin
pull up in the car bumpin
Pull up like a star or somethin
These niggaz think they ballin? Niggaz ain't really saw nuttin
Hopped out
tipped the valet a
hundred dollars
Walked up to the bar where you sell most expensive champagne
Look here
I want a hundred bottles
Dranks on me
that's for me and my crew
ball til you fall
You know how
No Limit
niggaz do
Seen a woman told her don't even trip on money
cause I got more than I can spend
When the time is right tonight

I'm tryin to be more than just friends
ya heard?
Niggaz don't wanna ball
niggaz small time
We got five carats and up in cut
Put that shit up what y'all got them little small diamond shit
Either I'm
half broke or I'm half rich
Niggaz mad at me or they just mad at this
Niggaz ain't give a fuck when niggaz ain't really have shit
Don't holla holla mayne

What? C'mon
what what?
What? What? What what?
c'mon what what?
Huh what? Huh what? Huh what?
Check it out..

Now I don't do it for no mills
and I don't do it for no deals
I do it for my fans
I keep it real
and I could give a fuck how a nigga feel
And I changed my attitude the fo'-fo' got a little mo' quicker
Ain't nuttin changed buy my flow got a
little mo' sicker
Cause I got a little older
got a gotta little mo' richer
Ain't nuttin changed about the fame
up at my shows I gotta
just sign mo' pictures
Just some real niggaz
and we ridin can you feel it?
We some real niggaz
holla back if you hear me nigga
Bouncin this
all my niggaz bouncin shit
smoke an ounce to this
I could care less where y'all niggaz at
C'mon and bounce to this

P don't want me to do it like this

P don't want you to do it like that

Where y'all niggaz from?
Where you from
where you from
where you at
where you from
Where you at
where you from
where you at.. shit
East coast
where you from
where you at?
Nigga West coast
where you from
where you at?
Nigga down South
where you from
where you at?
Nigga up North
where you from
where you at?
Silkk the Shocker nigga
platinum shit
Fuck that
I ain't playin
Never fall off
I just change with the times
I used to like these niggaz man
I changed my mind
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