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Testo it aint my fault - silkk the shocker

(feat. Mystikal)

[Intro: Silkk

[Chorus: Silkk

We can't stop now bitch!!!

We can't stop

and you can't stop us

so bitch don't try.

We TRU soldiers
we don't die

we don't die
we don't die. [2X]

[1st Verse: Mystikal]

I'm bout my paper
my paper

important people on my pager.

I might not drink Alize'

but I'll smoke you under the table.

Don't make me peel your potato

don't make the devil your neighbor.



Five hundred words might make it hard to digest what I say

but five up in the morning
see me on the billboards

y'all gonna keep it that way.

Hold on as tight as you can

whatever you do
don't loosen your grip

not only are they anticipating your every move

they're waiting for you to slip!!!

But like I told you before
we not gonna fall
put a banana in the tailpipe

I'm not bout livin' in no six by six
wearing no muthafuckin' jail stripes.

Been Bout It from the start nigga
we raw nigga

you don't wanna
go to
war nigga.

We superstar niggas

you know who we are niggas.

From poverty in the projects

to livin' large niggas.

It take one hell of a combination
to get what we got

we soldiers on a mission
and you can't stop us!!!


[2nd Verse: Silkk The Shocker]

Nigga wanna START SHIT

that they know they can't finish.

By far niggas wanna go to war

but they know when they ain't winning.

Fixin' to keep this bitch jumpin
like a muthafuckin'
second line

Been Bout It
and I'll be rowdy
and you g
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