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Testo i represent - silkk the shocker

Its time
Where you from?
I represent
Casket ridin bitch
Fuck off

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm from that land of the gun slangers
So I get up early in the morning
an exercise nothin but my gun finger
my one finger
I ain't no big ol' nigga but I still get paid
That's all I need is my trigger finger to squeeze the mack (Bloom!)
I'm layin niggas dead in the bushes
These niggas be comin up short I gives a fuck
(What are they?) A bunch of rookies
it's time to go
it's time to flow (It's time to ride)
Nigga I hit yo' block
it's time to go!
Nigga I'm from the land where niggas they shoot (Uptown!)
Niggas ain't all bout that talkin
we down to do shit
When it's time to ride best believe I'm gon' ride
An if you on the wrong side
it's on
down to die

I represent
I represent
I represent (Where you from nigga?)
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent
I represent (Bout gettin mine)

[Silkk the Shocker]
I'm up early on the dope spot
3rd Ward nigga
I stay hard
I do shit (Watch yo' back)
Best believe nigga I stay hard
If I'm in that Bay
nigga its Rich-Town
If down South
the 3rd Ward
I'm best at bein a hustler
I'm all about my mail
Be on the block wit the crack rock
tryin to get most mail
Whole sale if I gots to
chopper close
cuz niggas be tryin to show stop us
But nigga I be some real niggas thats down to ride (TRU!)
A project full of niggas who down to die!
What the fucks next? What the fucks up?
I roll thru yo' block nigga
an post up
An stand up on yo' set
You step outta line
thats when the Teck's gon' hit ya (Bloom!)
Split yo' ass in half
like a tree
Chop you
an box you down
an smoke you like some bitch
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