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Testo ghetto 211 - silkk the shocker

(feat. Master P)

[Master P]
We ain't got no money
so me an Silkk gon' hit a crack house for some dope
Muthafuckin police ain't give a fuck

niggas robbin niggas in the ghetto...
Armed robbery

[Silkk the Shocker]
I got twin glock like Tamira and Tia
Nigga tries to step
try to flex
an you'll get X-ed just like Mia
I be a gangsta like T
a murdera like C

when you see me bow down
address me a master like P
My murderistic tactics got niggas stackin off in the bushes
Tryin to get me some G an dope to the hookers
It's time for you to puch out
I'm tuggin up in your time card
WHy you do what you do
because like times hard
It's like here
nigga hop
nigga clips... to the glock
I hits yo' block an watch his shit every stop (It don't stop)
Bitches be like aw
off of some dumb shit
I runs this
Nigga T-R-U's my click when I come thick I cruise wit
(TRU!) a gang of niggas
that be down to ride on yo' set
Niggas be trippin
cock the teck
an we ride wit yo' bet
Best believe I clock G's
nigga no dice
I time the blast

I smash
I'm up in your house

Cuz I'm a hustler
cuz I'm a killa
who gives a fuck
if I murder another ghetto nigga
Cuz I'm a hustler
cuz I'm a killa
who gives a fuck
if I murder another ghetto nigga

[Silkk the Shocker (Master P)]
Taz tries to hit but I be back up out the back route
Me an P countin G's
choppin up keys up in the crack house
The baddest 2 brothers since Billy an Jessie James
P would you blast
(Hell yeah
Silkk would you blast?)
if the nigga so much as tests me (Bloom!)
Hits them wit all between the seem
(Dump the bitch like Hakeem the Dream)
I'ma hit that nigga wit 21
(Fuck it
I'ma hit him wit 17)
I got that K with the beam
(Fuck it
I'ma get the cream)
Ain't no wrestlin but these niggas like tag-team
Be like
for the money
(I be like 2 for the dope)
be like 3 for all my cash
(Nigga fuck it
get yo' ass on the flo')
One eighty-seven that I peels caps
(I murder!)
Niggas get dealed with
nigga hook 'em

how you gon' fuck wit niggas we real black
(A ghetto robbery)
an that's how we ride
(On a robbing spree from down South to the Wessyde)


[Master P]
it's yo' birthday
Ain't no love on this muthafuckin first of the month

it's yo' last day
See I be jackin
my nigga Silkk be packin
I be puttin niggas in body bags
I ain't actin
It's no substitutes on this shit
this is the real shit
fuck what you heard cuz
I'm ready to kill a bitch
You got my cash
gimme the grass
lovin you hoes?
Kiss my ass
it's ninteen ninty-skrilla
bitches in the body bag
It's time to spray ya
spray ya out like Calgon
Ain't no love
murder muthafucka
this ain't no funny farm
Down South they jackin
an they packin
Puttin niggas in muthafuckas trunks of the car
who jackin
Wanna take a ride
ride around the block

it's time to go
ain't no love where I'm from
Niggas killin for that white snow
an yo' bitch
I don't love no hoe don't trust no bitch
She got Master P on her ass an she'll suck my dick (Damn)
Y'all niggas mad cuz I'm famous
it's time to ride

It's time to ride
ain't no love on the South Side


[Master P]
Y'all niggas better wake-up an smell the muthafuckin coffee
I'm not tryin to preach to y'all niggas but I'm tellin y'all niggas
Watch ya ass an trust nobody
Cuz in the ghetto everybody lives like John Gotti
Nigga comin up shizort
teck-9's to yo' muthafuckin hizeart
Nigga live an eye for an eye
you fuck me
we gotta fuck you
An like my nigga Silkk said
it's time to ride
I ain't got no money
I might just pull a jack
but that's what I might do
I'm not tellin you to do that
do what you gotta do
Cuz we Bout It! We rowdy!
But who gives a fuck if we kill each other
Y'all think about it
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