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Testo black jesus - silkk the shocker

(Master P)

-Like 2Pac said
only God can judge me

-But I think only black Jesus can help me

Verse 1 (Kane)

Six in the morning and I see the sunrise

Wish I died in my sleep didn't want to open my eyes

To see this world so fucked up for me

And my family
worked so hard but can earn a decent salary

these bills keep whooping a nigga ass

Spent my whole check trying to dress with class

I found myself having to smoke weed just to chill

Both my parents got killed and I ain't cried still

All my niggas getting shot
peoples mama's smoking rock

And who the hell can stop these fucked up cops

They like to overseaers and we like the slave bitches

Offer pussy to a nigga even though they got AIDS

You jumping in that pussy thatn you diving in the grave

White man build the prison and the niggas come through

Like the motherfuckers giving out free barbeque

Lock a nigga up for life and say fuck you

Most of ya'll ain't make it pass the 12th grade

That's why you making minimum wage or slanging rocks for chump change

Alot of people died for the right to vote

We don't use white devils taking nigga land and missuse it

On top of that I think my uncle on crack

My boy Quay Shaun took a slug in his back

From another black now he in the coma trying to make it back

Come on come on

My old lady think she pregnant I ain't got no cash for her

She probably fucking another nigga I wouldn't put it past her

My mind got me murderous like John Doe

Bitch ass niggas trying to play me like a hoe

And now I'm rolling round sucking on a steel dick

Bout to pull the trigger end it cause I'm tired of this bullshit

Know what I'm saying grown men don't cry

But the gh
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