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Testo 20 dollars 2 my name - silkk the shocker

Damn a nigga only got 20 dollars shit

Check this out

Snoop Dogg

Nigga 20 dollars to my name

Deep in this dice game

I dust off my knees

I fucked off two g's

Nothing left to do
but buy some shells for my glock

Why? so I can rob every known dope spot

I'm having hard times
and grind

Shit I'm tyring to get mine

Ain't nothing to lose plus I'm living on the frontline

It's a cold twist the way that shit goes

Gotta keep your hands on some motherfuckin' fetty yo

And keep a down bitch for when your money run out

And get you gun out

And shoot'em up till they come out

I'm blowing in the wind

It feels good my friend

Silkk brought the Gin
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