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Testo quiet storm - mobb deep


Been through it all man

and tears

Niggas is dead and shit

What the fuck else could happen

I don't think much more
son I don't remember yo

We done seen it all
been through it all yo
let ya Niggas know right know

Word the mother for real for real

That shit is the truth

We not lying

[Verse 1]

I put my lifetime in between the papers lines

I'm the quite storm nigga who fight rhyme

P yeah you heard of him

But I ain't concerned with him

Nigga I pop more guns then you holding them

Made my route while the suns out

In scoulgemin
a low tin

In broad daylight
get right

Fuck your life

I pawned my 98 dirtbike

You try to stop minds from growin

I'll make your blood stop flowing

Take affirmative action

To any ass if he askin

And hear comes the Mac-10

Yous a dick blower
tryin to speak the dun language

What the drilly with that though

It ain't bangin

You hooked on Mobb-Phonics

Infamous Bonics

Lying to the pop dog like you got it

You ain't no wildin out for the night fist thrower

Rusty shank holder we live this shit


Cause it's the real shit

Shit that make em feel shit

Lump em in the club shit

Have you wildin out when you bump this

Drugs in your eardrum
the raw uncut

Have a nigga O.D. cause it's never enough (2x)

[Verse 2]

Yo the P rocks 40 inch cables

Drinking White Label

My chain hand down to my dick my peeps band glass tables

Diamonds and guns before the fame duke

A nigga like me holds Teks
are you the same too ?

Going through the emotions
a gun holding

Long shotguns down my pants
leg limpin

Killer bees still livin
even my pops too

He taught me how t