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Testo you wouldnt know love - michael bolton

So now you're back So you've had your fun And now you're comin' 'round again Sure baby I should let you in So you can let me down again Well it doesn't really matter what you say or do You can tell me that you love me But I know it ain't true CHORUS Cuz you wouldn't know love If it knocked down your door You wouldn't know it now You never knew it before If it fell in your hands from the heavens above You wouldn't know love No, you wouldn't know love You say you've changed Say you've done me wrong But you won't do it anymore No darlin' I don't have to tell you Where I heard that line before Baby you'd say anything to get back into my heart But when it comes to lovin', you don't even know where to start CHORUS Did you think I'd believe anything that you'd say Let you come back to me Baby there's just no way Baby I've had enough You wouldn't know love CHORUS
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