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Testo were not making love anymore - michael bolton

Here we are, just goin' through the motions one more time You look into my eyes, but you don't see me Here i am, feelin' like a stranger in your arms I touch you, i hold you, but lately i don't know you Something is wrong but we go on from day to day And we just pretend it all away We act like nothing's changed But in our hearts we know, it's not the same Chorus 'cause we're not makin' love anymore Baby, we're not makin' love like before We may hold each other tight Say that everything's alright But we're not makin' love Remember when, you couldn't wait to run into my arms When the love inside my heart was all you needed Remember when, you made me wish the night would never end The fire, the thunder, we lived to love each other If ever two hearts were one, then it was your and mine But that was another place in time Now all we have to show Are memories of a dream we used to know Chorus When did we lose our way, we had it all Don't know how it all just slipped away But oh, can we get it back again Is it too late, can we try, just one time, 'cause darling.... Chorus We're not makin' love anymore Baby we're not makin' love like before Can we find a way to try Find the magic one more time 'cause we're not makin' love
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