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Testo wait on love - michael bolton

Now she's gone
from my life

And it nearly drove me out of my mind

Always thinking what she meant to me

All we left behind

Can't be afraid
startin' over

Gotta get up
start livin' again

When you're drownin' in your loneliness

The hurtin' never ends....

And the night rolls on

I search for some piece of mind

I can't be wrong

Won't get burned by desire this time


Gonna wait on love
holdin' on till I find the one

Wait on love
won't hold back

I promised myself
till it comes...

Gonna wait on love

Wanna get close with somebody

When a voice says I'm movin' too fast

It's hard to know when to walk away

Or try to make it last......

Still the night rolls on

Secrets are safe in the dark

And I stayed too long

I'm not gonna lie to my heart


Someone I can run to

Just know that it's right

Trust my heart and soul to

For the rest of my life....
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