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Testo this is the time - michael bolton

( duet with Wynonna Judd )

As the years say good-bye
One by one on silent wings they fly
What will last
what is true
That's a lesson I learned lovin' you
This world will find its way somehow
I've got all that I need right here
right now

This is the time when the cold winds blow
When the snow falls from Heaven
On the dreamers below
Baby this is the time when I need to know
That your love will always be mine
Baby this is the time
Baby this is the time

Sometimes life leads you blind
To the one you've been waiting to find
Sometimes life lets you see
Just how great the gift of love can be
Now the light that fires the brightest stars
Is waiting to shine on this moment of ours


If life is just a dream
I know within my heart
Just getting closer to you
Is by far the sweetest part
So tell me one thing baby
the one thing I need to know

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