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Testo start breaking my heart - michael bolton

I would lie awake

Alone in my bed

Think of you
then I'd cry myself

To sleep
that's what you said

You were so sure of yourself

By now I'd be out of my mind

So where is the madness

The pain and the sadness

You swore you'd be leavin' behind


Start breaking my heart

Start bringin' me down

Start breaking my heart

Like you said you'd do to me

Start breaking my heart

Tearin' me apart
breaking my heart

Start breaking my heart

Lookin' back
you were good at diggin'

Into my soul

All the time
oh I should've understood

You just needed control

Finally you realized
how much you were

Foolin' yourself

Ya thought you'd desert me

Thought you could hurt me

By leavin' me for somebody else


You're breaking your promise to me

You swore I'd be fallin' apart


You've been gone girl
I don't even

Know how long

Come on and prove me wrong

You can start by breaking my heart

Breaking my heart
breaking my heart
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