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Testo soul provider - michael bolton

Talk about love
talk about trust

Talkin' 'bout forever baby

When I'm talkin' 'bout us

I give you my word
stick to my guns

Believe when I tell ya baby

That we've just begun

You don't understand

The full intent of my plan


I wanna be your soul provider

I wanna stay that way

For the longest time

I wanna be
your soul provider

Just say you'll let me

And darlin' I will

I know you've been hurt
I know you're love shy

You don't have to say it baby

It's gonna take some time

Ya got my heart
in the palm of your hand

Swear it's gonna stay there baby

Give me half a chance

You don't understand

The full intent of my plan

I've been waitin' for a long time for somebody like you

To give my love
all my love day and night

Just say you'll be mine for the rest of your life

Baby I'll show you why

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