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Testo simply - michael bolton

I simply love you
I don't have to ask why

I simply know this
like the sun knows to shine

The way you touch me
is there anything so right

In the soul of every part of me
I feel alive


It's true
I don't have to think twice

So true
you're the fact of life

Every little thing you say and do

Just breaks me down and brings me back to you

It's true
there ain't no doubt in my heart

It's you
even in the deepest part

Never gonna be a way around it

It all comes down to...

I simply need you and I want you 'till I ache

You made me need you

The choice was never mine to make

I surrender
I'm just a man with no escape

'cause I'm really not about to live without you


Ain't got no temptation
try to solve this mystery

There ain't no explanation
just need to find out what's meant to be


Now I've told you
what I've been feeling all along

Search for the right way as if it ever could be wrong

To simply say
all there is to say

I simply love you.....
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