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Testo save me - michael bolton

Tonight I feel like a prisoner

On fire
waiting desperately

sentenced forever more

Only your love can set me free

I search my heart is vain

To understand what I'm suppose to do

Ain't never felt this way

But there was never anyone like you


Lover you've gotta save me
oh woman don't you drive me crazy

Lover you've gotta save me
believe me

You're the one
won't ya come and save me

so deep in the heart of me

You've got this power
I just can't explain

In this life
this world of insanity

I'm at your mercy when you call my name

Something in your touch defies all reason

With you passion rules

I never felt this much

But there was never anyone like you


Take me through this fire
this raging wall of flames

Only you can break me from these chains


Save me
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