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Testo its only my heart - michael bolton

I've been down, i've been weak And i've lost enough sleep over you It's gonna take me some time But i've made up my mind I'll get through I'm gonna learn to carry on now 'cause i'm determined to be strong now Don't worry, don't worry It's gonna be alright Don't worry, don't worry It's not the end of my life Chorus It's only my heart, breakin' inside me It's only love, that's all it is I won't beg, i won't plead Won't get down on my knees for you It's only my heart, it's only my heart I'm not missing your touch I don't hurt half as much as before If i call you i swear It don't mean that i care anymore Just keep your love 'cause i don't need it Wish i could make myself believe it Don't worry, don't worry Don't you be concerned Don't worry, don't worry It's not the end of my world Chorus
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