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Testo its just a feelin - michael bolton

It's not the tape this song is recorded on It's not the way it ought to be done It's not the words that the singer is singin' It's not the way the music is played I know it's nothin' new 'cause it's all been done before It's just a feelin' baby A feelin', oh yeah, a feelin' baby It's just a feelin' That's all it's been That's all it's ever been It's not the things you say to me When we're alone and the lights are low It's not the smile on your face in the morning Baby, that keeps me comin' home to you at night Don't understand what it does But your love comes shinin' through It's just a feelin', baby It's a feelin', oh Oh, a feelin' baby It's a feelin' that keeps me coming back I want to tell you right now Nothing is going to change, baby When your love, your love comes through It's just a feelin', baby A feelin', oh, feelin' baby Just a feelin' baby, ooh It's just a feelin', it's just a feelin' baby
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