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Testo forevers just a matter of time - michael bolton

How in the h*ll did this begin

Like some cruel game we can't seem to win

It just goes on over and over again

It took the best outta you and me

I thought we swore we'd let this love rest in peace

Am I wrong

Didn't we part as friends

How many lifetimes must we live through

Till we're lookin' through the eyes of the truth


We are joined at the soul

With a heart that don't know how to let go

What does it mean when it don't mean a thing

When we say good-bye

But if life is unkind

And forever ain't a place we can find

We'll know how we've tried

And that forever's just a matter of time

So much love
so much pain

No one to judge
no one to blame

It holds on

How desperate this need that remains

We know the passion that leads us blind

'Cause the two of us are one of a kind


Time after time we stumble and fall

Past the point of no return

God knows we've given so much more than our all

To this lesson we may never learn

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