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Testo fools game - michael bolton

When I met you

You know at first you had me so confused

I used to lay awake at night

Just copin' with the feelings I so long refused

Well I surrendered my love

I saw you turn your heart stone cold to ice

I put my heart on the line for you

Oh I did
I put my heart on the line

First you take me to the highest ground

Then you keep me hanging like some foolish clown


It's such a fools' game

It's such a fools' game

I keep playing such a fools' game

I keep on playin'
keep on playin' this fools' game

this fools' game

I can't take another sleepless night

It's time to light the fire down inside of you

I don't mind
I have the sun on my back

To get a feeling that you never knew

You never knew

Got the secret in the palm of your hands

Will you keep it woman
will you break this man


Girl I know
you're playin' full time

But it may be too late
when you make up your mind

You keep me in this fools' game

Forever in your fools' game

You got me caught up in this fools' game

Such a fools' game
oh no
a fools' game

How long will you keep me in this fools' game
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