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Testo fool for love - michael bolton

( duet with Johnny Hallyday-english version )

( Johnny's part )
I'm coming out with my angel

Put down your guns and I'll...confess.
I loved her more than life itself

My angel in a pale blue dress.
But if you want to shoot
then shoot

I'd welcome an eternal sleep.
No man has ever felt a love

So deep.

( Michael's part )
I took her life
her tender life

I couldn't bear to think that she

Could laugh and love and give herself

To any other man than me.
So if my world would end tonight

I will not cry...I do not care.
I'll meet her in another life


( Johnny and Michael )
I was a fool
a fool for love

A fool who believed
that she came from above.
I'll stay a fool
until I die

She was my world
my breath
my sky.
I'm just a fool
who lost all control

Along with my soul.
In time the fool
becomes a clown

And you all laugh
as I fall down.

( Michael's part )
I'll never be at peace again

I'll never feel her warm caress

I'll leave each day just thinking of

My angel in a pale blue dress.

( Johnny's part )
And when her body's in the ground

Make sure you save a space for me

For that's the only place
I long to be.

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