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Testo fighting for my life - michael bolton

Here I am
thinking of you

Things we say and things we do

Doesn't seem long ago

I was holding you so safe and warm

Suddenly my life is changed

And I find myself like a ship in a raging storm

I'm fighting to hold on
will you look at me now


Fighting for my life
fighting for my life

I'm back against the wall
fighting for my life

fighting for my life

I recall
the days of my youth
my head in the air

My back to the truth

Runnin' from the good things I had
My hunger for a piece of the game

Now I find those days are gone

And I'm hanging' on

I know it can never be the same

I'm fighting to hold on
will you look at me now

Ooh yeah ooh oh yeah
baby ooh oh

I've been at the corner for the longest time

I have gone the distance with the will to survive

I tell you one thing
I can't always be right

Gonna live
gonna live every day like it's the last one I got

I'm fighting to hold on


Fighting for my life
I'm fighting for my life
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