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Sweet little girl, she's the high school queen She lives tonight, in every school boys' dream Oh, but nobody knows how she's cryin' She's just a child goin' on seventeen She gets so confused by her friends and their scenes They don't mean what they say They don't say what they mean She reads the signs, reads between the lines But it makes no difference There's no reason or rhyme Just hold on girl, as long as you can In time you'll learn what you don't understand It's the human condition, it's the nature of man CHORUS: Everybody's crazy, everybody's crazy Everybody's crazy, everybody's crazy This city boy, he don't want no control He just wanna party and play his rock 'n' roll But here they come to turn the pressure on Say'n son, your partyin' days are gone The time has come now to be a man Find your place in the world, gotta take what you can You've got no ambition, take a look at yourself When ya gonna straighten out, be like everybody else The boy said listen dad, you're bringin' me down I am who I am, I've had a good look around There's one thing in the world I can tell you I've found CHORUS: There ain't no wonder things are so outta hand Sooner or later, ya come to understand The human condition, it's the nature of man CHORUS:
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