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Testo dont tell me its over - michael bolton

It's in your eyes Here we go again Tonight you're gonna come on strong Such a cryin' shame, the time we spend Over who's been right And who's been wrong There'll be no pretending this time Your eyes are like fire You'll swear it's the end of the line But you and I, we both know you're liar CHORUS: Don't tell me that it's over Don't tell me that we're through Don't tell me that it's over Don't try 'n tell me that it's over It isn't true Don't tell me that it's over 'Cause you can't say good-bye, any more Than I, can walk away from you Ya say it's hard to love a man like me But baby now and then Ya do your fair share so easily You can push me to my limit And back again Just when I can't take anymore And I've made up my mind I say I'm ready to walk out the door But somethin' keeps me from leavin' you behind CHORUS: There's a reason why After we've tried We're not runnin' to the arms of another When all comes down We both know by now We just still mean too much to each other Don't tell me, don't tell me Don't tell me it's over
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