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Testo cant hold on cant let go - michael bolton

Every time I think of you My heart starts movin' like a freight train And having you is tearing me apart I don't really need the pain, no Sometimes I feel like leavin' for good But I'm a fool who wouldn't leave you Even if I could CHORUS: (Can't hold on, can't let go) Can't hold on, can't let go (Can't hold on, can't let go) I can't hold on, I can't let go Every time you touch me, well you know I feel the blood rushing through my veins Girl you mean so much to me, that's the reason Why you're driving me insane Ooh, every night I'm losin' too much sleep I can't give up, 'cause now I'm in too deep with you CHORUS: I can't live with you, I can't live without you I still don't know just what I'm going to do about you Heart to heart, I'd never run away It's time to part, but I can't say good-bye I love you so much(can't hold on) Need you so much(can't let go) But you're tearing me apart(can't hold on) oh(can't let go)can't let go (Can't hold on)can't let go (Can't let go)oh no no
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