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Testo call my name - michael bolton

You and I sailed away to a place

We once called paradise

We were young and deep in our love

And we never needed lies

So here we stand face to face

Knowing we've drifted apart

As for myself
there'll be nobody else

Who'll ever touch this place in my heart


You just call my name

And I'll come runnin' for you in the night

Just call my name

And I'll come runnin' right back into your life

If you ever need my love
call my name

Will ya call the love we shared

Just a moment passing in time

It was a moment I can never forget

And a love that was so hard to find

There are no chains to hold you down

I told you a long time ago

If the time has come for movin' on

There's one thing I need you to know


If you feel you need my love

And it's time we start over again

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