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Testo heartbreaker - mariah carey

Gimme your love


Gimme your love


Oh your love's so good

I dont want to let go

And although I should

I cant leave you alone

'Cause your so disarming

Im caught up in the midst of you

And I cannot resist at all

VB 1:

Boy if I do

The things you want me to

The way I used to do

Would you love me baby

Or leave me feeling used

Would you go and break

My heart?

Chorus 1:


You got the best of me

But I just keep on coming back


Oh why did you have to

Run you game on me

I should have known

Right from the start

You'd go and break my heart


Its a shame to be

So euphoric and weak

When you smile at me

And you tell me the things

That you know persuade

Me to relinquish my love

To you

But I cannot resist at all

(repeat VB 1)

(repeat chorus
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