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Testo change - lionel richie

Oh my love

You say nothing's wrong

You say you love me

What we've got is so strong

But I know someone else

Is loving you

Baby if you don't really love me

Just say we're through


You know I had to realize

Your love was just a game

Oh change

Now I've got to take time to stop

And rearrange


I've got to walk away from you

Before I lose my mind

I need a change

Cause all I'm going to do with you is

Just keep wasting time

Did you lie when you said

Your love was mine

Or was I being foolish
Cause my heart was blind

Sometimes I feel like

Just holding you would make things okay

But now I see

The price of loving you

I'll have to pay

Repeat Chorus


Somebody said you don't love me no more baby

I don't know why you're hurting me

The way you're hurting me

Right now I know the truth about

You and your new lover

I'm running for cover

So you can say what you want to say

Say what you're gonna do

I can't stand the way you treat me

I'm giving up on you

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Bridge

Repeat Chorus
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