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You call me crazy for my beliefs, or should I say the lack there of. But

your the one that lives life for death, praying second after second to an

imaginary figure head.

And you question my morals, question my ethics, critique my fucking way of

life. This is the life that I chose, these are the choices I make, and I

refuse to fucking listen to whatever you say. You stupid fools never stop

and question, never listen to reason, you just do what you are told. You

murder, lie, and steal and justify it by calming he's real, and that he

speaks to you.

And people acutely believe. They acutely fucking believe it. But I don't.

I am real, I am the realist, this is realism.

There gonna fucking try to lie to us again, and force there bullshit

propaganda into our heads about this so called "freedom". There all just a

bunch of fucking liars. And I refuse to believe.

You'd die for this, you'd take lives for this, but wont stop to question!
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