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Testo power of the media - howard jones

Flying through the airwaves

Living through the printed word

Flasher in the living room

Guru of the seen and heard

Who decides what we get to hear

Fuzzy round the edges or making it clear

Blinding us with those facts


The power of the media will make up our minds

The power of the media will take down our minds

Written on the black and white page

We can't believe what we read

Tarting up reality has become the new rage

Who said the truth is stranger than fiction

A few white lies for a nice little sensation

Buy up a paper you can influence the nation

Little box in the corner

A picture worth a thousand words

But who chooses which pictures we see

Who decides on the commentary

Keeping people in a state of confusion

There's a thin line between facts and illusion

Diverting our attention from big brother in the city

When will we get to the real nitty gritty
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