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Testo bounce right back - howard jones

I was walking down the street

With my old friend luke

And the strangest thing we saw

There was a flash like dynamite

And we fell down to the floor

And as we looked up this weird dude stood

I guess he was standing about four feet five

With a nonchalance and a joie de vivre

His face was grinning from side to side


Well he said button up and tighten your lip

Keep a check on what you say

Those crazy words you fling from your mouth

Are going to bounce back on you some day

Now several years pass

I thought nothing more

It was down to a nine to five grind

I was shuffling round to my old friend's house

I had party on my mind

While chatting this chick

A guerilla muscled in

A brace of henchmen right behind

My blood boiled hard

I'll give you a piece of my mind

And this guy appeared by my side

Don't you know what he said


I was walking down the street with my old friend luke

We were getting into a bit of a heavy scene

He say yes and I say no

He say what do you mean

I pulled my piece and he pulled his

We stared each other right in the eye

There was a flash like dynamite

And this guy appeared by our side

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