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He arrived on the scene With no past and no future He seemed to know your dreams Replace tears with laughter Street corner whispers Would mention his name Selfish? benevolent? What was his game Some say he's perfect Some say a spy A hidden power They all wonder why The rumors mounted But still no fact? I need to find out Some say perfect hidden power We all wonder why Questions unanswered Suspicion alerted I went round to his place If felt quite deserted I climbed the stairs to where His body lay without motion No spirit lives in there The cord had been broken His skin was reptile No life in there Not young not old A long hollow glare His breath had stopped No hearts beat there Is this a man Should i believe hidden power They all wondered why My attention was caught By a sound from the door Panic gripped the mind What lay in store A being stared at me Benevolent, not cold Automaton - he is controlled His skin was reptile..... Automaton - no life in there No past and no future Is this a man Automaton - no life in there No past and not future Is this a man
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