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Testo i belive - helloween

(m&l - kiske)

Give me two strong arms to fight my enemies

Give me two strong eyes to see the truth

Give me two strong legs I think I have to run

And fill my heart with faith that I won't lose

I don't wanna lose

Give me one real love that I don't freeze out there

Make me feel your presence in the night

Give me one strong heart that tells me when I lie

And tha my soul so I won't have to hide

I don't wanna hide

It's so cold deep dpwn here

I know we had to fall

Souls are dying everwhere

But whatever I do

I belive, I belive

There'll be no reason to live

Without you giving me light

There is so much that you give

Your love is shining so bright

I belive, I belive

I wanna love but I always hate

I wanna give but I always take

Want you to laught but I make you cry

Maybe I won't change until I die

It's so much easier said than done

I know I can't just always run

Got so much anger inside of me

I understand but I think I see what I'm not

I know it's true what j.c. said

I got all clear in my head

Seems we were born to be unfair

I am a sinner that's starting to dare to belive

Give me your hand until the end

And I will walk into the promised land

I don't deserve anything you do

But I can't stop loving you

No more lies, no false relogions

No more whys and wrong God missions

No shiny t.v priests begging for cash

No more wars that no god's ever asked for

There's a way back out of there

One day we're goin'home

Tell everyone who wants to hear:

Whatever you do:

Do belive, I belive

We belive, belive oh!
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