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Testo seeking the truth - halor

You've built your world, your empire's completed now

Founded on mistakes and lies

Your smiling mask � shelter covers and protects you

But there's something you cannot hide

We know all your masters called treason and money

Devilish contempt and the crime

Seasons can change, but we're all the same

We fight never hide till we die

We searching for light

The light, shining bright

We are seeking the truth

We run through all evil

Seeking the truth

We swear by the sky

Seeking the truth

Through eternal light

We will see the candlelight

The devil is waiting, it's looking for weak ones

There's left no place, nowhere to run

The predator's hunting the innocent victims

Remorseless fight has begun

The gates to the dark side are open in front of you

Showing the way you must go

Vultures are watching the dead ones above

But you know once they will lay below
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