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it was long ago, seems like a dream. the day I sucked the air from a bottle of whipped cream and i got real high and things got real slow and i started talking like this what's going on? i don't know and then i sold my car for a Greatful Dead ticket my dad yelled at me and he grounded me and he said i was a dick, it was the worst day of my life and i'll never forget but the very next day I was doing bong hits in the back of my friend's chevy so don't tell me we're winning the war on drugs cause drugs are like a bog ol' can of ree and you're all little bugs and don't tell me to not get high cause i'm as low as i can get without kissing your ass and blowing you at the same time CHORUS: man, don't tell me about love and peace or that the Joneses have a handgun pointed at me don't tell me to just say no i'm an addict, i say don't let me go whatever happened to sex drugs n' rock n' roll? now we just have AIDS crack and techno so they busted me so i say "fuck them up" for selling dope and i went to jail and i wasn't forgiven like that little fucker who shot the pope and he said i had the right to remain silent and they couldn't explain but i didn't resist and i was invited cuz all i ever wanted was the right to remain and they questionned me yeah, they asked me "why?" and i said "fuck off" i want the rest to be shot for selling pot it's just my little way of saying "high" now my record's all fucked up now two times a week they make me piss in a cup well what i want to do is piss down their throats CHORUS okay, here's the sensitive part they told me it's time to change cause our parents had Hendrix, Janice and Jim but what about River Phoenix and Curt Cobain and they told me to praise the lord but i've been waiting for so long for him to call me back i think i'm gonna go pray at Betty Ford and they told me that life was fair i can't smoke a plant that was made by God but i can kill my wife if i'm a football player and they told me, they told me to just ignore but i'd rather smoke crack outta Nancy Reagan's skull while gettin' a blowjob from (incomprehensible name) CHORUS
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