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Gonna call the President Gonna call the Private Eye Gonna get the IRS Gonna need the FBI Theres not anymore that I can do *all religion is that to me, I follow you When you plead the fifth, that'll be the end of time plus two Wouldnt be the first time I've been gone Wouldnt be the last I'm sure I'm on *All the rumours I can tell, Somethings didn't work so well With any way it feels the same When you first told me you were gone So long ago, but I've been here long to all the luck gettin out of this wreck A fact that you've got to hear worst yet when I need another favourite I take It means your life will be gone anyway cant believe that I was out there at all couldn't see it coming all along well its true...ooh...I am, But dont forget ooh ooh Gonna call the President Gonna call into my Private EYE Gonna need the IRS Gonna get the FBI Gonna make this a federal case Theres no way that I'll get out of your face repeat it with you're mortgage gone with the police, hangever? and a head like you now Oh Oh.. I've been to sure to offer my help I set it up again dressed as somebody else feel like stumbling on the the road feel like I'll never get ya out of this song Well I'm just too sad to kill maybe like I just walked in my shit They'll be waiting on me I know like a broken record for so long What can I do? Ooh, oh. I'M Gonna call the President, I'm gonna call the private eye, gonna get the IRS, gonna get myself the FBI. ooh, what shall I do if I gave my heart to you It's such a crime you now it's true oooooooohhh Gonna call the president Gonna make myself a private eye ooh, Gonna need the IRS Gonna get the FBI Gonna make it a federal case Gonna wave it right there out in your face rearrange it when your morning is noon? and the police hang together,and their headlines true There's not anymore that I can do
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