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Sweet little lady, don't you get crazy. Bring it back home to me. Woman little standing, dreaming to forget him. Bring it back home to me. When? Why wonder? Brown-eyed stunner, come on, Bring it home to me. Kiss a little, fishing for your lover, Won't you bring it down home to me. See a sky lit on fire, seen the dog in here. She lift her lips, with a passion, in the third degree. See a dirty old lady, with a schoolgirl's grin Break a back for the daddy all, when she does her thing. You can see the love, like check an ounce for pain, Darling won't you wanna; Sorry to resent, you said; gimme back, Keep your teeth Never wanna hold you, Never wanna kiss you, I bet she's taking away from me. Never will repeat it, or never reprimand it, Will you bring it back home to me. Take care before my baby, When your baby gives it up for free. She just puts around, being lazy, But since she brings her lover to me. Don't need nothing to save me, say for a piece of your luxury. Like the doorfoot, you'll never gage it. I'll tell you just how it's gonna be. I call your lover in the morning, When you have your cup of tea. You never give me your warning, So you better give her right up for me. Guess who's coming over, on your thinks; That's such a surprise. If you're saying you never known her, Honey, you better open your eyes. Look out.
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November rain - 824