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Testo the grave - george michael

The grave that they dug him had flowers

Gathered from the hillsides in bright summer colors

And the brown earth bleached white at the edge of his gravestone.

He's gone.

When the wars of our nation did beckon

A man barely twenty did answer the calling.

Proud of the trust that he placed in our nation

He's gone

But Eternity knows him
and it knows what we've done.

And the rain fell like pearls on the leaves of the flowers

Leaving brown
muddy clay where the earth had been dry.

And deep in the trench he waited for hours

As he held to his rifle and prayed not to die.

But the silence of night was shattered by fire

As guns and grenades blasted sharp through the air.

And one after another his comrades were slaughtered.

In morgue of Marines
alone standing there.

He crouched ever lower
ever lower with fear.
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