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She packed her bags and dressed

Long before sunrise

No one knew

She told them many times

About how she would teach them

And now it's time

Standing quietly by the door

Her face is numb with fear

She stops and then goes on

Leave forever

It's now or never

Quickly walking down the street

It's cold and grey
dawn breaking

But she don't know (she don't know)

Why she feels so grown up now

And life is just beginning

She don't know (she don't know)

She's standing in the pouring rain

Her makeup's running down

She wonders now she's here

Where will I go?

Who do I know?

Now now she's not quite so sure

I may be wrong but home seems so much more friendly now

And they may worry but she doesn't want them to

It's causing pain
that's not the thing she set out to do

So she's back in bed before

Anyone can miss her

She feels good (she feels good)

Knowing the chance was there

Deciding not to take it

That's her choice (that's her choice)

And she's still awake

Her mom comes in

Me and dad we've had a chat

And we're sorry for the things we said

Please forgive us

You wouldn't leave us
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