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Testo shepherd - genesis

Rise up! Take your lyre and sing

Listen! To the news I bring

Frosty breath on the window

See a friend in the snow that gently falls

Feel the truth in those sad eyes

See the smile that's so rare

Just like the love

She waits for...

And she plays a game of her own

As she sleeps within the firelight

For her dreams are incredibly wild

But they're lost and gone forever
with the dawn

Fair and friend of the fleece spoke

Warrior bold
shepherd wise
fair prince of peace

Someone waits in the doorway

On a white horse he comes and holds out the hand

She waits for...

So they ride through a valley of mist

To a castle in the heavens

Where he lays her down to rest

But he's lost and gone forever
with the dawn

See her writhe in her dream

Mermaids sing in the sunset

Sadly asking if beauty ever walks free

But Queen Frost only whispers

Maidens you will remain
to be free

See her writhe in her dreams...

Lord of the seven sons!

Keeper of the keys of time!

(Hear me)
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