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Testo looking for someone - genesis

Looking for someone
I guess I'm doing that

Trying to find a mem'ry in a dark room.

Dirty man
you're looking like Buddha

I know you well - yea - ugh.

Keep on a straight line
I don't believe I can

Trying to find a needle in a haystack.

Chilly wind you're piercing like a dagger

It hurts me so - yea.

Nobody needs to discover me

I'm back again.

You see the sunlight through the

Trees to keep you warm

In peaceful shades of green.

Yet in the darkness of my mind

Damascus wasn't far behind.

Lost in a subway
I guess I'm losing time

There's a man looking at a magazine.

You're such a fool
your mumbo-jumbo

Never tells me anything - yea - ugh.

Nobody needs to discover me

I'm back again.

You feel the ashes from the

Fire that kept you warm.

Its comfort disappears

And still the only friend I know

Will never tell me where to go.

Looking for someone

And now I've found myself a name.

Come away
leave me

All that I have I will give.

Leave me
leave me

All that I am I will give
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