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When it's cold
it comes slow.

it is warm
just watch it grow.

-all around me.

it is here. it is now.

Just a little bit of it can bring you up or down.

Like the supper it is cooking in your hometown.

it is chicken
it is eggs

it is in between your legs.

it is walking on the moon

leaving your cocoon.

it is the jigsa. it is purple haze.

it never stays in one place
but it's not a passing phase

it is in the single's bar
in the distance of the face

it is in between the cages
it is always in a space

it is here. it is now.

Any rock can be made to roll

If you've enough of it to pay the toll.

it has no home in words or goal

Not even in your favourite hole.

it is the hope for the dope.

When you ride the horse without a hoof.

it is shaken
not stirred;

Cocktails on the roof.

When you eat right fru it you see everything alive

it is inside spirit
with enough grit to survive

If you think it's pretentious
you've been taken for a ride.

Look across the mirror
before you chose de cide

it is here. it is now

it is Rael. it is Rael

'cos it's only knock and knowall
but I like it
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